A Dose a Day


Keep it natural and keep it healthy everyday (color of ribbon may be changed) or for the holiday rush.   Start your day with a dose of BeeKing’s Wildflower Honey and follow the “Apple a Day” regiment with Honey Crisp or Fuji Applesauce from High J’s locally grown apples spread on all natural low fat Wisecrackers.  Energize throughout the day with Seattle Granola Company’s delicious gluten-free and vegan friendly granola.  Try California Crisps’ dehydrated ultra thin, crispy & refreshing fruit slices, Rockin’ Ranch Chickpeas, Numi’s Jasmine green tea & finally, an adorable apple chef keepsake ornament (can be substituted with a non-holiday item) as a reminder to keep it healthy!

*Shipping options available for zip codes outside of Washington state and certain Washington zip codes not covered in the local delivery category.  Please call in your order for correct shipping costs. (425) 387-4421

* Motif can be changed from the pictured holiday theme


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