Butterfly Landing


       -A beautiful keepsake golden butterfly guards this lucky red tote box
       -Popular Chinese pretzels, a local Hawaii favorite often seen at food booths during Chinese New Year
       -Crisp Macadamia nut rice cakes (rice, an important staple food)
       -Chocolate covered honey grahams in good luck colored foil for a honey of a year
       -Almond Roca “Gold Nuggets) for wealth
       -Pumpkin seeds (planting of new seedlings, starting anew)
       -Dried Mandarin oranges (word for tangerine oranges are homonyms for good luck)
       -Chocolate covered arare (arare is made from mochi, mochi is sticky and thus, represents togetherness of family)

      -Chinese almond cookies (red dots in the center for good luck)

      -Coconut cookies (sweetness)
      -Tea cookies (sweetness, and a great condiment with tea)


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