Dear Santa, Please Stop Here First!


Dear Santa,

Do we have an alternative for you!  While everyone’s offering you high caloric cookies and glucose-ladened  hot chocolate, how about stopping by for some healthier snacks that will help sustain you for that exhausting night! And if you can’t finish in one sitting, worry not!  Everything fits in this reusable keepsake box with lid to cover.  It even has your photo so that everyone knows it’s for you!

•Roasted pumpkin seeds with a KICK of garlic & pepper

•Bottle of ready to drink FRIZZ Coffee (Espresso with a KICK of bubbly!)

•Almondina guiltless cookies

•Delicio granola

•Salt & pepper pistachios with a zing

•Energizing roasted cashews


•Bite size almond cookies (pop in the mouth to avoid work delay)

•Macadamia nut okoshi for cackle & crunch

**Great for shipping feasibility

**Shipping options available for zip codes outside of Washington state and certain Washington zip codes not covered in the local delivery category.  Please call in your order for correct shipping costs. (425) 387-4421



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