Dream Team 2016


Presenting…the 2016 Reindeer Dream Team! 

All 8 sugar cookie reindeers will follow in Rudolph’s footsteps and don red noses to brave the treacherous snowstorm of Hurricane Popcorn, while dodging the snow dusted chocolate toffee macadamia nuts, using red-dotted Chinese almond cookies and Theo’s cherry almond chocolate bar as additional backup to light the path.  The sweet chili flavored chickpea chips will keep them fired up, while Hardbite Cascadian chips will toughen their hide.  Santa will hold them at bay with chocolate dipped red vines reins and allow them to energize with Gypsy Crunch’s roasted granola mix and mandarin crunchy slices chock full of vitamin C to prevent the dreaded flu..  In the end, they will partake in crunchy macadamia nut okoshi, scrumptious peanut butter & confetti cookies while dipping their chocolate covered oreos in Chocolopolis’ award winning chocolate drink to celebrate the night’s success & partying with crunchy party mix by Nunes Farms.

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