Easter Extraordinaire


Extraordinarily Easter is what this basket offers, as it is sure to satisfy a wide range of tastes!  From the person who takes delight in keepsakes, check out the unique ceramic cupcake holder with a mouthwatering decor as its cover and the double-jointed bunny!

Sweet and savory lovers will take interest too, as we begin with milk and dark chocolate treats, tone it down with non-chocolately items, and finally delish Hawaiian chips to calm the palate and Easter-designed tissues to wipe away any evidence of indulging:

•Macadamia nut Okoshi (brown puff rice enrobed in a buttery sauce with macadamia nuts)

•Chinese Almond Cookies

•Palm Leaf cookies (acknowledging the important religious aspect of Easter but also having a similar look to bunny ears)

•Milk chocolate eggs

•Dark chocolate covered mochi crunch

•Oreo cookies double dipped in dark chocolate

•Milk chocolate Mele macs (chocolate toffee macadamia nuts)

•Dark chocolate covered fortune cookies (unveil your surprise fortune by cracking it open just as you would when frying an egg?)

•Marshmallow bunnies

•Jelly bellies

•Taro-patch (instead of the iconic carrot patch?) chips

•Easter-designed tissues

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