Enter the Dragon


• Monkey- shaped sugar cookie (Year of the Monkey 2016) This can be switched out to match occasion
•Paper dragon
•Shrimp chips (seafood delicacy)
•Party mix (party time to celebrate the new year)
•Chinese pretzels (deep fried snack with a subtle sweetness)
•Cougar Mountain asst. giant cookies (representing the habitat of the legendary Monkey King Sun Wu-kong)
•Kona chips (Hawaii-made kettle style potato chips)
•Chocolate mochi crunch (mochi is an Asian ingredient representing family
•Red-dotted Chinese almond cookies red is the color for good luck)
•Gingerbread cookie (ginger has cleansing qualities)
•Almond crisps wafers (bringing sweetness to the new year)
•Sweet Macadamia rice cakes (symbolizing rice,the staple of Chinese diets
and the significance of always having ample supply of food)

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