For EVERYONE’S Temporary Relief of Major Stress


Everyone deserves some relief from the office pressure.  Give them a moment or two to uplift their spirits with the prized goodies of the Hawaiian Islands, enjoying Kona chips from the Big Island, macadamia popcorn crunch, flowing Island “lava” represented by passion fruit lavosh, exotic fruit jewels, Mele macs (chocolate toffee mac nuts), and items although not made in Hawaii but still popular island favorites like pineapple crisps for the healthier appetites, macadamia nut okoshi, Chocolopolis chocolate coconut meltaways, smoked salt & pepper almonds, & an assortment of cookies like chocolate chip, peanut butter, & Chinese almond). Finally, refreshing Hawaiian iced tea (4 1qt pkgs, just add water) to tickle the throat. And, if all else fails, a box of Extra Strength Excedrin on standby!

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