Hawaii, Past & Present


Set in a Hawaiian petroglyph-designed aura, this gift basket is a reminder of Hawaii’s past.  Take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce how Waikiki Beach used to be, before the plague of soaring high rises, hotels, and business developments with the enclosed fabric covered photo album.  Hawaii’s history of a monarchy, with Kings, Queens, Princes and Princess’, canoe paddling, hula dancing, poi pounding, and the importation of Asians to work on plantations are symbolized with goodies of:

*Taro chips, one product from taro besides poi (food)

*Island Princess Macadamia nut popcorn (monarchy)

*Hula boy or girl cookie (culture)

*Pineapple crisps (Pineapple,together with sugar cane were leading crop industries)

*Original and Maui onion flavored chips (Chips made Hawaiian style from “origin” to the ever popular Maui Onion in the present)

*Chinese almond cookies (Chinese immigrants influence)

*Okoshi (caramel puff rice cakes) (Japanese immigrants influence)

*Chocolate chip/Macadamia nut cookies  & candies (Macadamia nuts as an icon and popular product past and present)

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