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Healthy Medley


Take the boredom of offering fruits only to an elaborate offering of fresh fruits WITH healthy snack items too!

***Fresh fruit baskets have various price ranges and we can adjust to specific budgets and design to value chosen.   Average fruit baskets usually run $55 & up. As pictured, $150.00, and contains the following:

•Scrumptious seasonal fruits (i.e. apples, oranges, pears, bananas, grapes, strawberries, peaches, plum, nectarines, etc.)

•Almondina “guiltless” biscotti-like cookies

•Breakfast cookies by Erin Baker


•Nuts & dried fruit snack

•Boxed water (claims to be healthier in addition to environmentally friendly)

•Brown rice puffs with macadamia nuts okoshi

•Crispy banana chips

•Dried apricots

•Dried but juicy mandarin orange

•Dried but juicy mango

•Teas (from healthy green tea to fruity flavored ones)






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