Santa & Company


Santa’s not alone in getting the job done!  Only with his friends can the season be complete!  With choices of coffee or hot cocoa, take a look at what’s in store when the gang gets together….

Kettle Style Sweet/Salty Popcorn (satisfies everyone’s tastebuds)

Dark Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts (for the long dark nights, bring in something “warm” from Hawaii)

Macadamia nut Okoshi (Great puff rice patties to accompany the coffee & cocoa)

12 oz. bag Caffe Luna Coffee

Chocolopolis Milk Chocolate Mix

Cocoa Batons in wooden reindeer box (is dipping allowed?)

Wisecrackers Lavosh (at least one in every bunch)

Red-dotted Chinese almond cookies (Is Rudolph present?)

Chunky Apple sauce to spread on Wisecrackers (keep it healthy, something to lessen the guilt)

Classic Salt & Pepper AgStandard Almonds – (a classic night for everyone to enjoy)

3 plush Christmas icons – Santa, Snowman, & Penguin as keepsakes after the goodies are devoured

Chocolate chip cookies – (a  classic must have…afterall, isn’t Christmas celebration  traditional?)

**Shipping options available for zip codes outside of Washington state and certain Washington zip codes not covered in the local delivery category.  Please call in your order for correct shipping costs. (425) 387-4421



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