Baby Browns


Plush Brown Peter Cottontail snuggles amongst the high-end Easter treats in his all purpose fabric lined basket:

*Popcorn Gone Nuts direct from Spokane, WA

*Decadent assorted truffles by Michele’s Chocolate

*Hawaii’s Taro chips (a natural browner chip than your potato chip)

*Roasted Pistachio Nuts

*Macadamia nut Okoshi (not white, but BROWN puff rice enrobed in a creamy buttery sauce with macadamia nuts)

*Bunny shaped ears Palm Leaf cookies

*Jelly Bellies (a higher class version of the Jelly bean)

*Cottontail Mele Macs (not your normal chocolate macadamia nut candies, but chocolate toffee macadamia nuts sprinkled with white powdered sugar)



Upgrade to include garlic/rosemary flavored Wisecrackers for the not so “sweet-tooth” recipient  +$6.50.  See gallery photo.

*Shipping options available for zip codes outside of Washington state and certain Washington zip codes not covered in the local delivery category.  Please call in your order for correct shipping costs. (425) 387-4421




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